Synthetic Towlines in Richmond British Columbia

Handling and Maintenance of Synthetic Towlines

A properly functioning towline is crucial for making sure that the link between a tug and a ship is strong and secure. Synthetic rope in BC, such as AmSteel-Blue, Saturn-12, and Quantum, is well suited to the task as long as it is well maintained. The providers of synthetic rope in BC at Redden Net & Rope Ltd. want to make sure that anyone using synthetic towlines is familiar with their inspection, handling, and storage.

Synthetic Towline Inspections

Synthetic Towline InspectionsSynthetic towlines need to be periodically inspected to make sure that they are in good condition. Regular inspections can reveal potential problems, helping to extend longevity. Inspect the towline in sections at a time, making sure to turn the rope and visually examine all sides before moving on to the next section. Inspection of lines can easily be accomplished during retrieval of lines after a ship assist job.

Synthetic Towline Handling and Use

When handling a synthetic towline, take care not to drag it over any sharp edges or abrasive surfaces. Likewise, you should ensure that chocks and fairleads are smooth and that any potential chafing points are covered by a material such as canvas or leather. Check that winch drums and Staples are also smooth and free of any paint or rust.

A good deal of the wear and tear which synthetic towlines sustain is due to friction from chaffing and surging. Avoiding chaffing and surging will help your ropes last much longer. It is also a good idea to periodically reverse the ends of your towlines, as this will make sure that wear is distributed more evenly along the line. Try and maintain keeping twist out of lines. Over twist can greatly deduce breaking strengths.

To maximize the service life of Samson lines, it is recommended that they be reversed, or end-for-ended.

Storing Synthetic Towlines

Synthetic ropes can sustain internal abrasion damage when rust, dirt, grit, and sand particles penetrate through the rope after being allowed to collect and remain on top of it. Before a synthetic towline is put away, it should be cleaned of any such debris.

When stored, synthetic towlines should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from any exposure to heat, as both can cause the ropes to degrade. They should also be kept near any chemicals, chemical fumes.

During a long voyage, tug assist ropes need to be properly stowed away below deck. If they are to be kept on deck for a shorter trip, then they should be covered by canvas, a tarp, or any other type of shield which can provide protection against sunlight, dirt, chemicals, and sea water.

Saturn-12, Quantum and AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Rope in BC

You can ensure that your towlines are always up for the job by using quality synthetic rope that was crafted for the tough work of towing. AmSteel-Blue, Saturn-12, Quantum-8, and Quantum-12 are all fantastic options for synthetic rope in BC. Redden Net & Rope Ltd. is an authorized dealer for these and other synthetic ropes that you can use as durable and long-lasting towlines.

Our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you select the perfect towlines for your needs. Just contact Redden Net & Rope Ltd. today to get started.

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