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Deepwater Winch Lines & Offshore Working Lines

Winch and working lines are used in many applications to lift and lower various equipment. Often used in the mining industry and offshore work, working lines and winch lines provide safety and reassurance during potentially dangerous working situations.

Redden Net & Rope Ltd. is proud to offer synthetic winch lines and working lines in British Columbia. We want your system to be as safe as possible for as long as possible, so we carry both Samson and AmSteel®-Blue working and winch lines to provide our clients with the strongest and most reliable products available. Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Synthetic Winch Lines

Synthetic winch lines have many benefits over other products as they are lightweight, ultra-strong, and high-performance. If you’re an offshore operator, you’ll love our synthetic winch lines because they are:

  • The same strength, size-for-size, as steel-wire rope
  • 80-85% lighter than the same size steel-wire rope
  • Able to be downsized, reducing overall deck loads
  • Safe because they don’t snapback like wire cable and they don’t tear up your hands
  • Able to float, offering additional visibility and safety
  • Convenient because they are torque free and don’t kink like wire cable

With the use of synthetic winch lines, your existing equipment will be able to handle greater payloads. They also offer better resistance to flex fatigue and cyclic bend over sheaves (CBOS) performance compared to wire ropes. Winch lines come in several configurations to help you get exactly what you need.

  • Single-Drum Winches: are common on offshore projects. They allow for collaboration with the winch manufacturer to design a complete system using a holistic approach.
  • Tapered pick-up lines: are often used on FPSOs for turret pull-in applications. They result in a rope that combines light weight and easy handling of the pick-up end with the high strength required for the buoy pull-in operation.
  • Traction Winches: have several advantages over single-drum winches. They eliminate potential “diving” issues, often reduce horsepower requirements, and they can increase surface friction to make the fiber suitable for a traction system.

Offshore Working Lines

Safe working conditions, maximizing service life, and preventing line failure are top priorities for any offshore company. With working lines from Redden Net & Rope, you can relax a little bit knowing you’re getting a quality product. We carry Samson offshore working lines that come with advances in fiber and coating technology and innovations in chafe protection.

For a properly working system, you need more than just a working line. Working line rope systems are not a one-size-fits-all proposition and require consideration for each part independently. Parts to consider include:

  • Lines
  • Terminations
  • Hardware
  • Chafe mitigation

Based on your specific needs, each component selected will give you the best overall system and performance. While selecting your working line, you should also consider:

  • Unique application requirements
  • Rope construction
  • Mitigating abrasion
  • Rigging and termination requirements
  • Proper installation procedures
  • D/d ratios
  • Factor or Safety (FOS)
  • Third party certification

If your offshore project needs a new winch line or working line system, contact Redden Net & Rope Ltd. today.

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