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Choose Redden Net & Rope for Rope Ladders in Richmond, BC

For over 50 years, Redden Net & Rope Ltd. has provided rope and supplies to the fishing industry. Since then, we’ve expanded to provide industrial, commercial, agricultural, and marine ropes and netting.

With our wealth of experience, we understand many different industries and their specific needs. Our rope ladders in Richmond BC are just one product we provide. We also offer other products such as vineyard nets, tug assist ropes and mining rope

Standard Embarkation and Jacob’s Ladders

At Net & Rope Ltd., we offer two ladder types: the Standard Embarkation ladder and Jacob’s ladder. 

The Standard Embarkation ladder extends from the deck to the waterline in the lightest seagoing condition. Standard Embarkation ladders are mandatory marine safety equipment. They are launched down the side of a ship during an emergency situation for crews to get in and out. Jacob’s ladder, on the other hand, consists of vertical ropes supporting horizontal, round and wooden rungs. They are used to allow access over the side of ships.

These two ladder types share several product similarities including:

  • 3/4” polysteel or manila side ropes
  • Step attachments of #48 nylon twine
  • Thimble eyes at the ladder head

However, these two rope ladder types differ in their measurement specifications:

  • Jacob’s: 1 7/8” x 20” x 1 7/8” round wood
  • Standard: 4” x 20” x 1” wood

Keep in mind that our Standard Embarkation Ladder in Richmond, BC features anti-tipple chalks on each step and measures 15” between each step.

Canadian Coast Guard Embarkation Ladder

We’ve built this ladder to meet MOT/SOLAS and Canadian Coast Guard requirements. It features the following traits:

  • Non-slip surface design
  • Grooved or smoothed options
  • 4 extra rubber steps for additional ladder length
  • Measurement specification: 4 1/2” x 21” x 1 1/4” wood

Caring Service

Along with providing these well-crafted Embarkation and Jacob’s ladder roping in Richmond, BC, Redden Net & Rope wants you to have a good experience. When you contact us, our friendly team will greet you and do all they can to help you. Give us a call at 604‑274‑1422 to learn more about our rope ladder options in Richmond BC.

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