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Fishing ship

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Commercial Fishing Supplies and Hardware

Redden Net & Rope Ltd. first got its start by supplying fishing supplies and equipment to the British Columbia fishing industry. We still continue this great tradition today with our supplies for trawlers. To learn more about our products, give us a call.

Commercial Fishing Supplies

We supply these items and more for trawlers:

  • Netting
  • Twine
  • Hardware
  • Rope
  • Salmon and herring seines
  • Salmon and herring gillnets
  • Trawling gear (sound wave lures)
  • Halibut, prawn and crab gear

Fishing and Trawling Hardware

Keeping your ropes in good shape is often helped by good equipment. From thimbles to spools, shields and shackles, we carry all the Samson products you need.


We carry the following shackles:

  • “Golden Pin” Anchor Shackles
  • “Golden Pin” Chain Shackles
  • “Golden Pin” Bolt Type Anchor Shackles
  • “Econo” Load Rated Anchor Shackles
  • Stainlesss Steel Anchor Shackles
  • Non-Rated Anchor Shackles

Learn more about the shackle specifications.

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Snatch Blocks

We carry the following snatch blocks:

  • Bronze Bushed
  • V-1800 with Hook
  • V-1900 with Swivel Shackle
  • V-4000 Tail Boards
  • Yarding Blocks
  • FX Yarding Blocks
  • SK 05 Korean Type Block
  • Gin Block
  • Roller Shackles

Learn more about the snatch block specifications.



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